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How we help

By assisting you in getting to know your fleet from the inside out with accurate data, your business will benefit in so many ways.

With our accurate data, you know your vehicles inside out. Your business benefits.

Data from the Vehicle

Vehicle Data

Icon of grey and red graph showing 1,500 miles as the reduction in business miles per vehicle, per year


Reduction in Business Miles per Vehicle per Year

With no data sets or algorithms applied, the information you get is as accurate as possible.

1,500 less business miles per vehicle yearly

Drive down costs

Reduce costs

Icon of grey petrol pump showing 21% in red which is the saving on fuel bills

21% Savings found in real-world MPG to reduce fuel bills

Real-time data means instant decision making for greater efficiency and productivity.

21% Savings found in real-world MPG to reduce fuel bills

Improve driver safety

Safer drivers

Icon of grey car and red cog showing 34% as the annual reduction in accident repair costs


Average Annual Reduction in Accident Repair Costs

Know exactly how your vehicles are being driven by monitoring driver behavior.

34% less accident repair costs yearly on average

Simple Fleet Management

Easy fleet management

Icon of grey flashing police light showing £3 million as the cost of vehicles recovered in the last decade


Stolen Vehicles Recovered last decade

Our online mobile-friendly portal puts you in control to cut costs and reduce risks.

£3 million stolen vehicles recovered last decade

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Who we are

Airmax is at the forefront of UK telematics technologies. We have been since 2004. So, we know a thing or two about the industry. But what is telematics? It is a black box device installed in a vehicle. It monitors driver behavior, driver performance, vehicle performance, provides vehicle tracking and mileage capture, then feeds back all the data remotely to a central portal.

Our telematics solution, Airmax Remote, goes a step further than a normal GPS system. It relays data in real-time straight from the vehicle for more accuracy, allowing you to get to know your fleet inside out.

We are a disruptive technology supplier. Whatever fleet of vehicles you run, we have a telematics solution that can help you to Reduce Cost, Reduce Risk and Increase Revenues. We specialise in the Commercial, Passenger Car, Grey Fleet, and the Emergency Services sectors. We have something to suit everyone in fleet management.

A Trusted Supplier

Our expertise is built on years of experience and our commitment to the industry. As a trusted provider we have achieved the following certifications and accreditations.

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